We aRe SpinDye and Superdry

We aRe SpinDye signs collaboration agreement with Superdry

Today, We aRe SpinDye ( WRSD ) AB ( publ ) (“ WRSD ”) signed a collaboration agreement with Superdry plc. Superdry is a fashion brand with global distribution and highly ambitious sustainability goals - where WRSD hopes to play a significant role in achieving said goals.

- We have been in conversation with each other for a significant time and now finally things have fallen into place and we are able to move forward on more concrete terms, says Andreas Andrén and continues:

- Naturally it is extremely positive for us that Superdry has so ambitiously set and clear sustainability goals. With our unique expertise in sustainable dyeing of recycled polyester, we feel that we have a very clear position as a partner to Superdry.

Superdry, founded in 2003 in the UK, currently listed on the London Stock Exchange has a turnover of just over £ 700M. The goals for 2030 are set high and include major initiatives in new sustainable solutions. On their website, they put this in words:

"Our ambition is to become the most sustainable listed global fashion brand on the planet in 2030. Our goal continues to focus on producing the most durable product, while protecting our planet and support j s our people in everything we do. We will do the right thing and leave a positive environmental legacy.  Accelerating our goals means that our commitments are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030"

About Superdry

Superdry was founded in 2003 in the UK and is today listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Group has sales of approximately SEK 8.2 billion (2020) and the brand is represented in 61 countries and has 241 own stores worldwide.

 Superdry on the London Stock Exchange

About We aRe Spin Dye

The company is a Swedish cleantech company that provides and offers a technology and platform for production and quality control that enables players in the fashion and clothing industry to significantly reduce their environmental impact. The company's business concept is to establish a new, sustainable and transparent standard for coloring synthetic textiles in the fashion and apparel industry in a simple and user-friendly way