A New Trend is Born

Marina Micanovic Amconyc NYFWSS17
2017 NYFW, Marina Micanvoic

There is always beauty in art, but when art and fashion come together as one and become a collection; that is when a new trend is born.

This season, New York Fashion came with a new approach, AMCONYC partnered up with fashion week online, using live interview streaming to showcase all the designers. Guests and viewers had the opportunity to shop off the runway. You were able to see the collection and shop on the go.
AMCONYC presented their new amenities and took the initiative to make their guests feel pampered by their sponsor, PRIV Beauty Bar. Makeup touch ups and nails were provided by LXV while guests enjoyed freshly brewed coffee and gourmet treats from artisan bakery, the French Workshop, throughout the day.

A designer's job is not just to make a collection. A designer creates unknown details and tailors masterpieces, and that is what Marina Micanovic presented and showcased for the first time at this year's New York Fashion Week.

Serbian Marina Micanovic designed her collection by curating symmetrical designs into an edgy yet chic wearable womenswear collection. This was done by weaving bright colors together into different shapes. Her collection took about six months to complete. Her creative process was centered on emoting how and what she feels, and focuses on her own ideas. Her motto is, " to always stay true to yourself" no matter the trend or the latest top designer.

Marina Micanovic's amazing collection closed the show, and took New York Fashion Week by storm. Due to her previous success, Micanovic expanded into the US market for this fall season. Her unique and brilliant designs have caught the eyes of many, and because of her professional and kind-hearted nature, New York welcomed the Serbian designer with open arms. 

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    Marina Micanovic

  • art, fashion, wear, chic. edgy,

    2017 NYFW, Marina Micanvoic

  • new Collection, NFW17, art, fashion, newcollection

    2017 NYFW, Marina Micanovic,

  • Fashion, NewCollection, Art, wear,

    Marina Micanovic NYFW17

  • Newcollections, NYFWSS17, fashion, wear, art,

    Marina Micanvoic NYFW2017