Innovating the museum tour industry

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Tasia Duske, CEO of Museum Hack


Innovating the museum tour industry with themed tours such as 'Women in Leadership' Tasia Duske joined Museum Hack in March 2016 as Staff Manager and was quickly promoted to Chief of Staff in October of the same year. In that role, Tasia worked very closely with Nick Gray, Museum Hack’s founder, and other department managers to support strategic initiatives and staffing leadership company-wide. In January 2018, Duske succeeded Museum Hack’s founder, Nick Gray, who remains connected to the company as chairman and owner, and became CEO of Museum Hack.

With Tasia's leadership, Museum Hack has grown to a $2.8M annual business and was recently listed on the INC 5000 and named one of its most innovative companies.  Museum Hack offers unique public and private tours at museums in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. These tours aim to invigorate people who don’t already love museums, engaging them via clever guides, irreverent fun facts, interesting themes, and relatable language for younger crowds. By expanding their offerings to include corporate-friendly events, like team building activities, Museum Hack has secured a strong holding in the market.  


Integral to Museum Hack's success is its core values. Tasia and the team have crafted eight company core values that help everyone at stay in sync. One of the most important core values the team adheres to is "Operate at Level 10 Integrity". With any decision, the team is in the habit of asking themselves "Is this level 10?" and the answer must always be "yes". If not, it's back to the drawing board.


Museum Hack was founded in 2013 by Nick Gray.Tasia was named CEO in January 2018.

WHY  :

Museums represent the greatest collections humanity has ever created and discovered as a species. They are cultural fulcrum point in any sized cities, and they connect both locals and tourists alike through their collections--collections which are rich in both historical and modern significance. Museum Hack is on a mission to reimagine the adult museum experience. As the company motto states, "Museums are F***ing Awesome!"