A Hobby Turns Into a Career

OBDEC Studio Handmade Jewelry
OBDEC STUDIO, Olga Borges De Castillo

AMCONYC network presented, the famous Venezuelan handmade Jewelry designer Olga Borges De Castillo: OBDEC Studio, showcased in one of the best venues in New York City, Studio450.

Waiting with anticipation and excitement, Olga Borges showcased a brilliant and graceful show, displaying her amazing accessories on models wearing nude body suit undergarments.

Olga Borges, a native Venezuelan currently living in Venezuela while working and studying to master her craft, is a popular top designer for celebrities. Her accessories have often been used in pageants and many other famous events. She recently had the opportunity to showcase her brand OBDEC Studio for the first time at fashion week. Her first pop shop was realized last year in September and February 2015, at the Gansevoort Hotel and Punto Space, both greatly recognized places worldwide.

Borges met Adriana Marie Quaranto, the owner and CEO of AMCONYC, during her pop shop's run. They rapidly developed a genuine friendship and Borges was asked to showcase at New York Fashion week 2016 as the main priority brand.

Borges gladly accepted and prepared for America to see her truth and the story behind the blisters on her hands that made each accessory special.

With passion and joy in her voice, Borges explained that her story started at a very young age. She was only nine years old when she discovered her love for designing and making jewelry. She knew she had a talent because she was named after her mother, Olga Rodriquez, who too was born to design. Borges' skill was not just learned, it is a gift that she inherited from her mother. 

At nine years old, while other girls in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela were playing with dolls and at the playground, Borges was working on perfecting her talents to become the woman the she is today.

Growing up, designing was only a hobby for Borges. She made accessories for people in her neighborhood, who appreciated her and paid her to make more of her customized accessories. For a time, Borges left her designing as a hobby and focused on getting an education.

She graduated with a Masters of Computer Sciences degree and a Marketing degree. She now continues her education, specializing in Fine Jewelry. With her background in Marketing, she was able to make her hobby a career and decided to brand herself and continue the legacy that her mother left behind.

Borges made a brand name; OBDEC Studio, the initials of her married name: Olga Borges De Castillo.

The brand produces accessories earrings,  statement necklaces, rings, and bracelets that she can customize, from the color of the beads to the length. Her creativity creates for a specially-made, unique product that will be a trend that no one can imitate. The metal options range from Sterling Silver, 14k gold and gold-plated to brass and copper. Each accessory comes in a gift bag with instructions on how to take care of your jewelry. Her handmade jewelry is designed to last as long as you are delicate and follow her instructions. Since her metals, stones, and wires come from Venezuela and other parts of the world; she handpicks top quality materials. When Borges travels the world, she goes with the mindset of what she needs to make her design complete.

Olga Borges de Castillo is an amazing inspiration for Latina women. Because of her hard work and consistency of continuing her education and branding herself on her own, as well as running a business while growing it to a global scale, she has become an example of what happens when you never give up on your dreams and continue to work hard and strive for excellence.


“I admire true genuine hardworking women who truly have a passion and make sacrifices to make their dreams come true and no matter what; they still want to help others do the same” - Olga Borges De Castillo

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    OBDEC Studio Handmade Jewelry

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    OBdeC Studio Authentic Handmade Jewelry

  • #OBDECSTUDIO #handmade #authentic #fashion #art #venezuela #NYFW

    OBDEC Studio, Olga Borges De Castillo