Global Congress on women brain wealth

Brain wealth, leadership, and fashion psychology well-being.

Global Congress on women brain wealth, leadership, and fashion psychology well-being.

On September 09, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan, Virtual Mode took place the  Global Congress on women brain wealth, leadership, and fashion psychology well-being (WBLF) hosted by the International Experts of ICON Events.

The event held international speakers from different countries as the USA, UK, Greece, Australia, Mexico, Canada, UAE, Nigeria, Qatar, and Denmark,  some of them were: SHIVANI GUPTA, Global Keynote Speaker, Leadership Strategist Executive Mentor talking about: Introduction for Women in Leadership: 7 Strategies to Engineer your career.  Fashion and Sustainability Reform by Michael Bailey, Fashion Designer from England, United Kingdom;  Emotionally Speaking by Nicole Martin, CEO of HRBoost LLC.

There were plenary speakers as  June Chambliss, Founder of Women Who Matters Too the USA speaking about Leadership Style of Management and Conflict Avoidance, Are You Leading Others from Your Dysfunction; Debbie Gisonni, Founder of  SELF POWER NOW!  Talking about  Reboot Your Life Now. Radha Dalal,  Certified Yogi, Meditation Facilitator, Holistic Self-Love Coach speaking about  Silencing the Critic: How to Raise Your Thought Frequency, among others.

Entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, women Leaders, Health Care Professionals, Psychologists among other professionals gathered to establish a strong and immortal network between Peers, Scientific experts, and budding researchers in related fields across the globe.

WBLF  was supported by American University in Dubai, College of North Atlantic Qatar, University of Toronto, Vistage and several companies and associations internationally,  is the best platform to network from the people across the globe.

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