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Changing the corporate environment with gratitude


Kerry Wekelo, Founder of Zendoway, Creator of Zendoway Cubes and Culture Infusion, and COO of Actualize Consulting.

WHAT did you do?

I founded Zendoway, a company dedicated to changing the corporate environment by infusing gratitude and wellness into all aspects of the organization. From this platform, I launched my Culture Infusion program based on 9 principles that create a thriving sought-after workplace. The principles help organizations build a legacy, shift perspectives, and teach how to lead by example so teams can perform at their best.

Culture Infusion grew to include coaching, e-courses, seminars, and customizable plans. I also created Zendoway Cubes – 14 soft, squeezable, stress-reducing cubes each with a wellness theme: Coping Strategies, Feelings, Gratitude, Nourishment, Affirmations, Breathing, Play, Principles, Questions, Yoga Poses, Stressed Out, Positivity, Chakra, and Happy. The cubes are used in schools, homes, and corporate offices.

HOW did you do it?

Through years of self-exploration, I discovered that focusing on overall wellness creates healthier relationships and provides transformative insight into both our personal and professional lives. I decided to stop compartmentalizing my work and personal life. I wanted an authentic life and workplace that utilized all aspects of my background in finance, human resources, marketing, psychology, and yoga. I sought to blend corporate knowledge with mindful wisdom. I introduced my program to Actualize Consulting in 2005 and saw measurable results. Our turnover rate went from 33% to 1%. We currently enjoy an average turnover for the last 4 years of 4%, with the average tenure being 5 years

WHEN did you start your company?


WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

Culture Infusion takes a mindful approach to business. Business is part of life, and Culture Infusion can help others see they can also unite all aspects of their life instead of saying no to corporate America. These 9 principles can provide insights to leaders of “how” to bring mindfulness into their workplaces and use it as a tool to foster holistic wellbeing. When we think of corporate America, we tend to think of the negative stereotypes surrounding leaders and employees. Culture Infusion challenges leaders to forget the hierarchy and begin recognizing their team for who they are: individuals with aspirations, emotions, and passion – and use this to drive them to their highest potential both personally and professionally. It’s time to change how we think of business.

WHERE are you from?  

I am from the United States and I currently reside in Reston, VA, USA.

INDUSTRY: Wellness/Business/Consulting




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