Peace Power Profits

Author: Dr. Gwen Smith

Book: Peace Power Profits

Author: Dr. Gwen Smith, Ph.D.

Live a Peaceful, Powerful and Fulfilling Life No Matter What

 Despite Pain, Sadness Disappointments or Hurts Imposed by Others, It’s Possible to Heal Your Life, be Happy and Peaceful, and Build Your Dreams Again!  No longer be a prisoner to the circumstances of your past. You can set yourself free!

The author shares her own personal journey of physical and emotional abuse in her early marriage and the discoveries that led to her healing, and transformation. The lessons and tools she shares apply to any disempowering event in your life, relationships, business or career.

You Can Expect to:

  • Discover how the events in your past have stripped your self-love, and placed limitations on what’s possible.
  • Rid yourself of identity crisis and self-esteem issues to live a powerful life; the one you were meant to live, while experiencing real happiness, peace and profits: true satisfaction.
  • Have surprising insights about the hidden side of you that you didn’t even know exist!
  • Discover what’s stopping you from having all you want and use the tools to clear them to have repeated success.
  • Heal emotional pain, get past abusive relationships and transform results in your business, life and relationships.
  • Transform your negative circumstance and have increased power over your day and how you feel

In the video the author shares with Welum´s readers her model " PEACE POWER PROFITS ACT BREAKTHROUGH SUCCESS".

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